The Allotments

I’m currently somewhat immobile due to an onset of spinal stenosis, which usually only happens to elderly people but something about having extra thick bones has caused me to get it at age 31. The giddy thrill.

Anyway, I can only manage to walk about 50 metres before having to stop from pain or onset of numbness which if allowed to worsen could leave me with permanent problems. So I’m sitting down for pretty much 90% of my life right now. As someone who loves nothing more than walking around taking photos, this is quite frustrating.

I’d previously agreed to help with a local art event last weekend, so I was tasked to sit in some allotments doing a painting workshop type thing, as it meant I could just be on my arse all day. However, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some photos in an allotment as it’s always been a setting I’ve wanting to shoot. I therefore used up my 50 metre daily “being upright” quota to explore.

Didn’t do me any good physically, as I feel like I’ve set my recovery back a week, but shooting and developing a film really helped mentally.

These were all shot on my Yashica 635 with Ilford XP2.


I’m definitely a TLR convert. I absolutely love the results from this camera. The ‘low end’ Yashikor lens has so much more character than the Yashinon found on the Yashica Mat range. I love me a good swirly background.

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