Lapland x Pentacon Six

Earlier in March this year me and Wife went to Inari in Lapland, where a friend of Wife is learning the crafts of the indigenous peoples. I took my newly acquired and dubiously reliable Pentacon Six TL with Biometar 80mm, my seemingly back-from-the-dead Kodak Retina, and a Zorki 4 that I hadn’t even put a test roll through.

Quite why I decided to take a load of questionably functioning cameras to one of the most picturesque places in the world I do not know. Thankfully the Zorki worked like a dream and I’m a little in love with it now, my re-lube of the Jupiter 8 made it a babe to use. My P6 already had problems with a dragging shutter on the higher speeds, and I was expecting the cold weather to make this worse, but surprisingly my shots were almost entirely fine, with just a bit of shadow on the left hand side that you’ll probably notice below. The frame counter died on me, so I only get 10 shots per roll now. Oh well.

The Kodak Retina ballsed itself over after 8 photos so it can fuck off back on the shelf.

Anyway, here are some of my Pentacon Six shots taken over the 5 days we were there.

First thing we saw when we got off the plane. The airport staff were trying to get all the drooling tourists off the runway before that plane landed.
The first night we were there, this happened. Well, much better lights than this happened but we were watching them, not setting up bloody tripods.
Trying out Fractal Filters with the P6


Inside the “Wilderness Church”


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