Japan x Yashica 635

Japan was about as mad as I was expecting. Overwhelming, fascinating, ridiculous and beautiful. Second night there, outside Shinjuku station, a guy in a Godzilla outfit with a lightsaber, dancing to a deafening and incoherent saxophone. About sums it up. I want to go back as soon as possible. The camera shops in Shinjuku… sweet christ the camera shops…

I only realised when developing these photos that I hadn’t used my Yashica at night before, or for street photography. In Japan I did both! And it worked surprisingly well. Most shots were taken with either Lomography 400 or Fuji Pro 400H bought fresh at Yodobashi.

Click on the photos for full res.

Sunset from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
This guy was posing for a guy off the shot to the left. I just happened to be here changing films.
Nara deer park. This sweetie posing nicely for me.
Somewhere in the maze of streets in Harajuku.
Massive Torii gate at the entrance to Yoyogi park.
The Sun Hotel in the… sun. Across the road from our first hotel in Kabukicho.
Buildings backing onto the canal in Dotonburi, Osaka.
Streets off Dotonburi. This is my no.1 favourite photo from the whole trip.
Dotonburi canal, Osaka.
Late nights exploring Osaka.
Osaka + fish + bike = good.
Closing time in the market.
There were dozens of painters around Shinobazu pond in Ueno. Also pigeons.
Dime Store, Ueno. Also featuring weird giant maple leaf stuffed between buildings.
An artist in Ueno Park and a kid checking out his work.

More words about Japan on a future post.

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