Found film #1

These first black and white shots came developed and rolled up in a canister amid a box full of miscellaneous photography stuff I got a while ago. Some exciting 80’s car-on-fire action! Also cat.


This second roll was in a camera, and unfortunately only a few shots had been taken before the camera was lost to the ages. Film looks nice and expired, possibly stored somewhere a bit too warm. Some grandparents taking 3 boys to Eden Park by the looks…

God knows what’s going on here.

I’m annoyed with myself because I missed out on a found roll in Japan. I found an Olympus Pen in a junk bin that was jammed and rusted closed. I didn’t consider it might just have reached the end of the film so forced open the rusted back and there’s a nice fully shot film in a mad green canister that looked super old. Would have been extremely cool to have seen some random old Japanese half frames… Stupid boy.

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